Call for Abstract

Abstracts addressing one of the conference sessions are invited for oral presentations, posters or show and tell. Abstracts must be uploaded filling the form by 12:00 a.m. of June 1st, 2023.

Formatting and other instructions

When uploading your abstract by filling the form, text font/size will be formatted automatically as information is entered, either by copying/pasting or typing in directly. Editing is NOT permitted after upload. There are separate boxes to enter the following:

    • Contact information (Email address, First Name, Surname, Affiliation)
    • Presentation type (Oral, Poster, Show and Tell)
    • Abstract Title
    • Abstract Text (MAX 3000 characters). Abstracts may be copied and pasted from your Word file into the form, or you can enter text directly. Do not use a hard return except to begin a new paragraph.
    • Authors list: Each author’s name. List the authors without affiliations but numbers (e.g., Caio T. 1, Rossi M. 2, Romano P. 3)
    • Affiliations list: List the affiliations (e.g., 1. Department of Earth Science – University of Naples)
    • Hashtags: a list of Keywords. MIN 1 – MAX 3 (e.g., #remotesensing #insar #deformationfield)


Other information:

Do not include graphics, tables, or references.

Only the presenting author will receive an email concerning the abstract and is responsible for informing all co-authors of the status of the abstract.

Only two abstracts per presenter allowed (one oral talk and one poster or one show and tell). Only one abstract per convener within the session proposed by him/her is allowed (one oral talk or one poster or one show and tell). Conveners are allowed to submit max two abstracts within the entire conference.

Presenter may be a co-author for another presenter’s abstract.

Notification of abstract acceptance or rejection will be sent by the end of July, 2023.

All presenters are required to be on site in Naples.


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All participant can apply and win a 100% discount.

The award concerns any submission to Remote Sensing within 1 year after the conference closed.

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