BeGEO 2023

Field Trips

Each field trip will be activated only by reaching a minimum number of participants.

The deadline to register for a field trip is 10 September

Field Trip 1 – Matese-Abruzzo

Date: 6 and 7/10/2023                 Places available: 25                 Price: 90€

This field trip is dedicated to the geomorphological and stratigraphical aspects of the Central-Southern Apennines, where many geomorphological evidence of active faults are preserved. In particular, during the trip will be shown: a bauxite quary, the Cusano-Longano stratigraphic contact, the extensional basin of Matese and an overview on the Fucino Basin (Pescasseroli fault, wind gap and DGPV).


– Bus transfer;

– Accomodation (6th October);

– Breakfast and packed lunch (7th October).

Day 1 (6 October)

– Bauxite quarry;- Cusano-Longano stratigraphic contact; – Extensional basin of Matese;- Overview on the Fucino Basin.

Day 2 (7 October):

– Inert quary; – San Benedetto-Gioia dei Marsi fault; – Alba Fucens archeological site;- Liri basin.

Field guides: Dott. Ettore Valente; Prof. Nicola Mondillo; Dott. Galadini; Dr. Ciro Cerrone; Dr. Mauro Bonasera; Dr. Michele Delchiaro

Field Trip 2 – Procida Island-Mt. Vesuvius

Date: 6 and 7/10/2023                 Places available: 50                 Price: 90€

For this 2-day trip, the destinations are Procida Island on the 6th, where you will visit places of interest like Solchiaro hill and Chiaiolella promenade, and Mount Vesuvius, with its Great Cono and Vetrana Valley, on the 7th.

 For this trip, return to Naples on the 6th is guaranteed in the evening.


-Ferry transport to Procida Island;

-Bus transfer (7th October);

-Entrance to the Gran Cono.


Accomodation in Naples the 6th October

Field guide: Prof. Paola Petrosino

Field Trip 3 – Pompeii-Oplontis

Date: 6/10/2023                 Places available: 50                 Price: 40€

This field trip is dedicated to the products of the 79 A.D. eruption, with visits to the archaeological sites of Pompeii and Oplontis


-Bus transfer;

-Entrance to the archeological sites of (i) Pompei, and (ii) Oplontis.

Field guides: Prof. Claudio Scarpati; Dr.  Maria Verde

Field Trip 4 – Sarno & Nocera Inferiore

Date: 6/10/2023                 Places available: 50                 Price: 30€

This trip will focus on the Sarno 1998 and Nocera 2005 landslide sites, with visits to some key places to understand the events that took place and the residual risk management issues of the area


-Bus transfer

Field guide: Dr. Rita Tufano