Workshop- Dott. Ettore Valente

The morphotectonic and morphometric approach aimed at reconstructing the distribution of vertical movements


Elements of structural geomorphology (1 hour)

– From topographic map to DTM: qualitative and quantitative geomorphological analysis (1 hour)

– Morphometric analysis: principles and survey methodologies (1 hour)

– Topographic and swath profiles (1 hour)

– Morphometric analysis techniques at orogen scale (1 hour)

– The hydrographic network: from plan form to the longitudinal profile of streams and related parameters (2 hours)

– Morphometric analysis of mountain fronts: from watershed to alluvial conoids (2 hours)

– Case studies (3 hours)


Researcher of physical geography and geomorphology (GEO/04) at Department of Earth, Environmental and Resource Sciences at the University of Naples Federico II.